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ACT1.5.jpg are delighted to announce a funding grant award from Arts Council England in support of a specialised project spanning Autumn 2021-2022, focusing on the fast, practical, and transferable decarbonisation of live music.

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The ACT 1.5 project will meaningfully assist the decarbonisation of the live music industry overall, by designing and applying practical modules of behavioural and technological innovation to a multi-venue/multi-environment model live tour. We will publish the results of these interventions via open-source report once they have been evaluated and assessed by an independent scientific body (Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research) in order that clear, viable industrial options can be shared and promoted at a fast rate, and forerunner modules can then be added into the first phase of tour booking and routing, in the earliest industrial cycle that follows this work.

We are also delighted to announce that Massive Attack – the first artists in the world to achieve UN framework on Climate Change “Race to Zero” accreditation following their presentation of a Paris/1.5 degrees compatible emissions reduction plan – have agreed to allow their 2022 tour to function as a “specimen” or prototype tour, where the ACT 1.5 innovations and partnerships can test various methods of emissions reductions. We are very grateful to Massive Attack for participation in this experiment and for allowing us operational access to their planning and production processes.

As with any Paris/1.5 degrees compatible plan, the work that we undertake in the next 12 months will require engagement in SCOPE 3 emissions – an area that the live music sector has thus far done far too little to address. We will also explore a raft of cross-sector partnerships to see how the planning of super low carbon events can be enhanced and improved.

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